McKenna's talk really reminds me of this article. Mason got his shining debut showcasing his most prominent strength as an up and coming talent, then team studied him better, then he added more to his game and became more well-rounded.

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Superb article !

MARTIAL should be moved on . I feel he has peaked for us. Maybe all he needs is a change to make a next step, go to that less demanding team where he is a focal point.

Time is running out for RASHFORD. I still feel he could make the 'leap' . His game is still very one dimensional but some aspects have improved (crossing and long range passing). Is he going to become an elite finisher ? Maybe Sancho's arrival will light a fire under his comfort zone sitting ass.

GREENWOOD is going to be special. The way his game evolved in 20-21 just showed a player primed for big things. He will be our top scorer in 21-22 ,mark my words.

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