Some players lift the floor of their team to make them better while others are described as someone who raises the ceiling. Are we sure our thinking of who's who isn't backwards?
Years of neglect to the academy and tighter FFP laws means the young Argentine will be crucial to any potential title bid Erik Ten Hag hopes to have
Let's make some midseason predictions
Studies have proven your coach doesn't matter much. Football is a player driven sport with global stars, yet we can't kick our obsession with coaches
A round of 16 exit is what we're becoming used to for the USMNT. This year's exit was a different kind of disappointment to previous ones. This time…
International tournaments don't often live up to the hype, but through two rounds of play the lack of goalscoring of this tournament has stood out…
Pressing has become and when we put our focus there we're missing the forest from the trees
If the False-9 system was simple, there would be a lot more examples of teams successfully using it
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